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Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses were closing, and jobs were hard to obtain, Hanekamp Manor Bikes & Books began under the family carport. Deedra and Onas Hanekamp both had previous experience with being self-employed and seeing an opportunity to combine their talents to create a sustainable business. They began the planning to start Hanekamp Manor Bikes & Books. Onas has thirty-plus years of bicycle mechanic experience and Deedra has fifteen plus years' experiences creating custom artwork and writing and publishing books. Today, their family-owned business consists of  a 10x10 building with an outdoor area for bicycle repairs. 

Onas & Deedra Hanekamp 

Mission Statement

Hanekamp Manor Bikes & Books was founded on the principle of using what talents we have been given to provide a unique customer experience. The combination of bicycle mechanics and artistic talents make for a fun and family friendly experience.

Hanekamp Manor Bikes & Books is a small open air bicycle repair shop that also offers books and artwork. We are a family owned small business serving Eastern Kentucky. Onas Hanekamp has been a certified bicycle mechanic since 1992. He specializes in customization of bicycles. Deedra Hanekamp is an independent author and artist. She has several published works. Her most popular books are The Louise Green Series, which blends dark humor with mystery. Her artwork ranges from custom cards for all occasions to larger portraits. She specializes in whimsical drawings and watercolor paintings.


418 Front Street
Garrett, Kentucky 41630


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